Sustainability at Concierge Camping

Find out how we are embracing renewable energy, sustainability and use eco products at Concierge Camping.

What do a Naked Sprout, a heat pump and solar panels have in common?

These are all part of our latest initiative to ‘tread lightly on our planet’ as we continue to embrace renewable energy, sustainability and use eco products wherever possible to minimise the environmental impact of our growing business.

Battery powered golf buggy and mowers

Our battery-powered Golf Buggy covers dozens of miles each month to ensure our team meet the high standards our guests expect. In addition, we have recently invested in rechargeable battery powered mowers, strimmers and blowers that not only work perfectly in small spaces, they also help them to minimise the noise whilst tending to the sizeable list of groundwork tasks.

Sustainability at Concierge Camping

Park owner Guy Hodgkin commented:

“Using natural solar resources seemed obvious to me and whilst there was an initial investment needed to set this all up, we now generate on-site enough solar power to run our luxury shower block and reception.

We also took the early decision to invest in low carbon Source Heat pumps; these use technology that is well proven as they take energy from the air (even cold air) and use this to heat the water in our lovely lodges or award winning shower block.”

Co-owner Tracey Hodgkin added:

“Whilst some parts of our operation require horsepower as we help clients move caravans, some aspects of our operation require a more gentle touch – hence our partnership with Naked Sprout who now supply our toilet roll.

Despite being sad to see that our iconic orange loo roll has become troublesome to source, I knew that traditional loo roll contained chemicals and decided to use this as an opportunity to evaluate sustainable alternatives. The Naked Sprout range we believe are the most environmentally friendly option in the UK and that the 100% unbleached Organic Bamboo uses less chemicals, less energy, less water and is renewable versus recycled alternatives.

The product you will soon see across our site is 3-ply and thus extremely soft, plus with each purchase a donation to providing clean water research is made so we hope you will appreciate the reasons behind the change. We will also work hard to explore toiletry options in the months ahead and encourage others to do likewise.”

EV charging points

We are also extremely proud of our high output EV charging points, which we also use to recharge our loyal little Renault Zoe. Many guests and members of the public often use these charging points and take the chance to grab a coffee and relax in the reception area.

Our sustainability mission is ongoing and we hope that other campsites follow similar eco principles.

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