Electric Vehicle Charging at Concierge Camping

Here at Concierge Camping we have always been a fan of electric vehicles. We have recently teamed up with Tesla to help address the growing demand for electric vehicle charging stations in West Sussex.


We are delighted that our guests are able travel to our park with the peace of mind that they can recharge their Electric Vehicle (EV) whilst staying with us. This makes the travel process easier for a growing number of our visitors.

Type-2 and polar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We are delighted to be able to offer a Tethered Universal Type-2 Chargers and two Polar Chargers for our guests. These are located just outside our main reception. They are capable of charging all electric cars and hybrids on the market.
Electric vehicle charging Chichester.
Park owner Guy Hodgkin said “Fitting the charges was an easy decision for us as we are very mindful of our carbon footprint. Plus we were seeing more and more of our guests using Electric Vehicles. It has enabled to future proof our business and offer a service that many other campsites have been slow to adopt.”


“Looking to the future we are excited to see more hybrid cars coming on the market. These make great towing vehicles as they have maximum talk from 0 RPM. The Tesla model X has shown to be able to tow very easily. I can only see the market getting stronger for that type of vehicle.”


“There is also a German caravan manufacturer making a caravan with electric motors in it. This means towing has very little effect on the electric vehicle as the caravan is self powered.”